Maja Bajevic was born in Sarajevo. The wars of the former Yugoslavia have left their mark on her work, which often conceal a significant element of denouncement of the atrocities committed there, as in the video Green, Green Grass of Home. In the words of the artist: “In this work, carried out in collaboration with Emanuel Licha, I appear in a large meadow whilst I give a description of my apartment in Sarajevo, where my parents, and later on I, lived before the war in the former Yugoslavia. Since then, the flat has been occupied by people who are now refusing to move out. […] I have not returned to my apartment in over 10 years but, in my filmed description, I try to remember it in great detail and I move through the field as if I was wandering through it: I go from one room to another, describing them and telling stories about them. […] In the same way as we occupy our home, it also lives in us. We identify with specific places and these mark our lives. With the disappearance of these places, we also lose everything that we lived through in them.”