The commitment to the environment, one of the pillars of the museum’s social responsibility project, is embodied in the museum’s own system of environmental management, which develops a wide range of measures to reduce the negative impact of our work on the environment, with the aim of being a more sustainable museum, raising public awareness and curbing climate change.

Environmental management system

In 2017 and 2018 we carried out a complete environmental diagnosis which enabled us to detect strengths and weaknesses and set up a system of improvements based on the methodology of ISO standards.

Technology renewal and product replacement

Since 2014 we have been engaged in a progressive plan of technology renewal, seeking alternatives that are less polluting in themselves or that generate better consumption habits.

In the same way, we are substituting numerous materials with more sustainable materials in a phased way depending on the museum’s resources and market possibilities: products that are more efficient, local and/or bearing certification of origin.

Some examples:

  • With the adopted control measures we were able to reduce the energy consumption of the Meier building by 11.99%.
  • On the MACBA website, printing styles that generate simplified versions have been defined and on-screen reading is being promoted.
  • The computer equipment has been renewed (all of it has the “Energy Star” certification) and its default configuration updated, seeking maximum energy efficiency and minimum emission.
  • Plastic cups have been eliminated from our offices, and all paper used in communications is recycled and/or of sustainable origin.
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Circular Economy

At the MACBA we believe that the first step towards minimizing environmental impact is to make more efficient use of and extend the life of materials, whether by giving them new uses within the museum or collaborating with other organizations in the city with which we exchange furniture, frames, audiovisual equipment and so on.

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Mobility Plan

We are actively working to reduce our carbon footprint, establishing a sustainable mobility plan that promotes measures to encourage public transport and less polluting means of transport.

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Waste Management

At the MACBA we have a waste segregation system, and we involve our collaborators, suppliers, users and visitors in the selective collection of paper, packaging and glass fractions.

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Commitment to the 2030 Agenda

Following the trajectory of the Barcelona City Council and the Government of Catalonia, we have incorporated the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into our daily operations. All museum departments have been involved, linking our public and internal work to these challenges.

Networking and Certifications

Membre de Barcelona + Sostenible

Barcelona + Sustainable

The MACBA is part of the local network for sustainability together with over 1,000 organizations committed to environmental, social and economic sustainability to collectively build a city that is responsible towards people and the environment.

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Social Barometer of the Museums. Government of Catalonia

The MACBA actively participates in the Social Barometer of the Museums project that the Ministry of Culture of the Government of Catalonia is developing to measure the collective social impact of Catalan museums as a pilot museum.

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Distintivo Biosphere Committed Entity

Biosphere Commitment to Sustainable Tourism

Barcelona was the first urban destination to obtain the Biosphere certification for its commitment to sustainability in the tourism sector. In December 2019, MACBA was awarded the Barcelona Biosphere Commitment to Sustainable Tourism, a distinction that recognises the commitment of companies to a new model of tourism.

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Distinction for Environmental Quality Guarantee

Distinction for Environmental Quality Guarantee

In November 2020, the Generalitat de Catalunya awarded MACBA a Distinction for Environmental Quality Guarantee in the category of cultural services: libraries, museums and collections. This category has strict environmental criteria regarding waste management, energy saving and efficiency, water saving systems, criteria for purchasing certified products with ecological labels and for sustainable mobility for both workers and users, among others.

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