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Happy St George's Day (The Day of the Book in Catalonia)

'There is a common thread running through all the phrases posted over the years on the notice board of the Publications Department: they all have to do with the best ideas being the simple ones, with the time needed to do a good job, with enthusiasm and humour – because, at the MACBA, we think that producing a book is much more than just publishing a series of texts and images to document the Museum’s activity.' #llibresart


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Teaser of the "Domènec. Not here, not anywhere" exhibition

This solo exhibition of Domènec offers a retrospective of his work from the late 1990s to the present, including some new projects.

Exhibition from 19.04 to 11.09 2018.

Radio Web MACBA

Anar a Radio Web MACBA

Last Program — 12/03/2018


#255 Daniel Inclán

SON[I]A talks to Daniel Inclán about coffee, Zapatismo, à la carte politics, hamburgers, long presents, tacos, biographical narcissism, authoritarianism in democracy, aesthetic whiteness, and the nixtamalisation of maize.