Every Saturday

6:00 p.m.

Meier Building

Included in the cost of admission. Booking required.

On Saturdays, enjoy the MACBA Collection: Prelude. Poetic Intention guided tours of the MACBA collection. An approach to the Collection that is understood as an exercise that makes it possible to try out a break with the institutional framework, offering a space for reflection and criticism where the “art” concept and experience are presented as a generative and emancipatory principle.

Where the sensitive matter made up of the pieces in the MACBA Collection expands with new acquisitions and favours new relationship scenarios among the artworks. It constitutes a new account of stories that includes absences and favours other discourses as common spaces; scenarios of possibility where the forms of relationship that artistic practices establish with their subjects can be questioned and updated.

An opportunity to mutate the guided tour format and lead it into a collective conversation focused around experiences with the works of the MACBA Collection.

Run by Avalancha, an artistic and educational research collective formed by Loli Acebal, blanca arias, Marc Luguera, edu rubio and pol terrés.

Dissabtes MACBA
Captura de la pel·lícula de l'artista Fito Conesa "Helicón"
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