About Accessibility

MACBA has a commitment to culture. For this reason, we see accessibility as a fundamental right. Since its construction, the Museum has been adapted architectonically and has integrated elements of communication without barriers in its signage. As ...



         The museum ticket desk provides magnetic loops for people with impaired hearing who use hearing aids.

         Visits with Catalan sign language (LSC) or the possibility of an interpreter.

Exhibitions: MACBA offers tours for the general public in sign language on the third weekend of every month, conducted by Enric Lluch. The next are:
- Sunday 16 April at 1 pm: MACBA Collection 31
- Sunday 21 May at noon: Akram Zaatari
- Saturday 17 June at noon: Forensic Architecture

Tours for groups can also be arranged by appointment by phone at 93 412 14 13 or by mail at


         MACBA has two eyeglasses available for people with impaired vision, which can be obtained from the museum ticket desk.

         Guide dogs and assistance dogs are welcome throughout the building. We also have water bowls for dogs, which can be requested at the museum ticket desk.

Exhibition: MACBA offers adapted tours on the first Sunday of every month conducted by the museum’s team of educators (under the guidance of Mònica Surís). The next tours to the MACBA Collection 31 exhibition are:
- Sunday 2 April at 10.30 am
- Sunday 7 May at 10.30 am
- Sunday 7 June at 10.30 am

Tours for groups must be arranged by appointment (Limited space), by phone at 93 412 14 13 or by mail at You will always have the possibility of touching some of the works with gloves. We will accompany you.

MACBA has ramps, lifts that connect the different floors and seats on every floor. It also has adapted toilets.

         Visitors have access to two wheelchairs, which can be requested at the museum ticket desk.

         Visitors who are confined to a wheelchair can request eyeglasses at the museum ticket desk, enabling them to examine the works more easily.


Upon request, guided tours of the exhibitions can be arranged for people with mental, intellectual or psychological disabilities.


Thanks to the support of Fundación Repsol, MACBA has enlarged its Accessibility Programme in the conviction that art teaches respect and facilitates social integration. Accessibility is displayed throughout the museum in order that different audiences can experience and enjoy art inclusively.

The programme includes a tour of the exhibition galleries of the Collection, with tactile works and wall texts, as well as texts in Braille. It also has an innovative space, ‘Approach the Collection with your senses’, where the visitor can use touch, hearing and smell to approach recreations of fragments of works, and a programme of specially adapted visits for groups with specific needs.

        Elements in Braille (labels, brochures, etc.).

         Tactile elements or susceptible of being touched by blind people.

         Information available in large print and optical aids.




  • The Apropa Cultura Programme
    MACBA has joined Apropa Cultura.The Museum collaborates with adapted or inclusive activities. It will participate in one of the training sessions for social workers.