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Allez! Meeting on peripatetic practices and mobile museums

International seminar on mobile artefacts

13 to 16 Mar. 2019



► The seminar on March 15, from 4 pm, may be followed in streaming. To follow the live video click here.

Artistic and educational practices share a long history of experimenting with a range of mobile experiences combining engaging, creative, interrelated ideas. Over the last hundred years, these activities have taken many different forms: from the Educational Missions undertaken by the government of the Second Republic in Spain to Duchamp’s Boîte-en-valise, Lina Bo Bardi’s Great Mechanical Cow and Federico García Lorca’s travelling theatre troupe La Barraca. In different ways, and at different levels, these initiatives explored the overlap between artistic practices, experimental teaching and social research.

Allez! Peripatetic Practices and Mobile Museums is a project by MACBA and The Fondation Daniel et Nina Carasso designed to create a space for reflection and experimentation by using mobile educational resources to encourage arts in education. It features educational boxes, cases and kits, mobile museums, libraries and cinemas, activities following in the tradition of postal art and recording-studio caravans, among others. These institutional or self-managed initiatives aim to shift the ground beneath our feet and investigate other forms of relating to one another. Over the course of this meeting, we shall be exploring the various components of artefacts that have managed to scale institutional walls and have adopted new, more porous forms in the outside world. We shall also talk about pedagogies and the kinds of challenges posed by these practices. The fact that all these artefacts need to be “activated” gives a very clear idea of their participatory spirit.


MACBA various spaces
Admission: Free. Advance booking required.

Wednesday 13 and Thursday 14 March, 4.00 to 8.00 pm

Simultaneous workshops with artists and collectives on writing protocols, building mobile artefacts and developing digital projects from an analogue perspective, with La Agencia (collective, Colombia), Luz Broto (artist, Barcelona), Nicolas Floc’h (artist, France), Makea Tu Vida (Barcelona), Isabelle Saussol (founder of the Pause Photo Prose project from the Rencontres de photographie d’Arles) and Christine Vidal (Ersilia platform, Le Bal, France).

Workshops booking

Thursday 14 March, noon to 2.00 pm

A professional meeting based on a device designed as part of the Permea master’s course at the University of Valencia. This session aims to share material from the report on research into Mobile Learning, Artefacts and Resources prepared by Jara Blanco and Julieta Dentone for Allez!, which studies the state of the art, investigates its history and imagines possible connections.

Meeting Booking

Friday 15 March, 12.30 to 8.00 pm

12.30 pm Public presentation of the conclusions of the working groups on mobile devices, peripatetic practices and itinerant museums that brought together professionals invited by the Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation and MACBA. Led by Mercedes Álvarez, Judit Vidiella and Manuela Zechner.
2.00 pm Lunch break
4.00 pm Presentation by Pablo Martínez, head of programmes at MACBA, and Isabelle Le Galo, director for Spain at the Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation.
4.30 pm Talk by Estelle Zhong Mengual, art historian.
5.30 pm Roundtable on artefacts and expanded education with Ingrid Brochard, Dani Medina, Lluís Noguer and Ramon Parramon, moderated by Judit Vidiella.
6.45 pm Break
7.00 pm Roundtable on institutions and the masses with María Acaso, Rufino Ferreras, Fanny Figueras and María Inés Rodríguez, moderated by Pablo Martínez.

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Saturday 16 March, 11 am to 6 pm

Open workshops and activation of mobile educational projects aimed at the general public. In the company of Colors de Monstre from Tombs Creatius, La C.O.S.A., La Fanzinoteca Ambulant, La Premsa Menuda, Puck Cinema Caravana and Soundcool, among others.

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