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Every Saturday, from 4 pm, you can visit the exhibitions and get to know them better with the artists themselves. And why not come and be surprised by the outstanding programmes on offer the last Saturday of each month? Enjoy contemporary art for free thanks to our collaboration with Uniqlo.

SATURDAYS 26 OCTOBER, 30 NOVEMBER AND 21 DECEMBER, at 7.30 pm: Folklore at the end of the month

► 21 DE DICIEMBRE: Tarta Relena
Tarta Relena began in 2016 as a project by two singers to explore the sounds of different styles of vocal music a cappella. Far from seeking to create a hallmark of the traditional and defining being Mediterranean, Tarta Relena endeavours to make its own a repertoire that goes from the music of oral tradition to original songs in one way or another related to the geographical area of the Mediterranean.

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