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Every Saturday, from 4 pm, you can visit the exhibitions and get to know them better with the artists themselves. And why not come and be surprised by the outstanding programmes on offer the last Saturday of each month? Enjoy contemporary art for free thanks to our collaboration with Uniqlo.

SATURDAY 29 JUNE, 18.30 pm: Chalkboard interpreted by Ferran Fages (electric guitar)
Christian Marclay’s interactive installation Chalkboard (2010) invites visitors to write notes, drawings or graffiti on a architecturally-scaled chalkboard ruled with musical staff lines. Ferran Fages, improviser and composer, will interpret this "score". He has undertaken tours, performed concerts and led workshops around Europe and South America as well as in Canada and Japan. He plays guitar, resonant objects, acoustic turntables and electronics: “feedback mixing board”, pick-ups and oscillators.

A Short Century
This display offers a chronological path through the MACBA Collection from 1929 to the present. It includes many key works in a series of rooms devoted to emblematic moments or decades. Coordinated by the MACBA curatorial team, special attention is given to the changing presentations and experiences of art through these nine decades or ‘short century’. The presentation is designed to tell the history of modern and contemporary art through the particular perspectives, politics and themes developed in the MACBA Collection since its inception.

Christian Marclay. Compositions
This exhibition will be the first for over a decade in Spain devoted to the Swiss-American artist Christian Marclay (b. 1955), who currently lives and works in London, and will include a selection focusing on his sonic compositions, from graphic scores to video installations. Marclay has consistently focused on the relationship between sound and vision, exploring the ways that sound can be manifested visually. As the artist himself said, ‘music runs through almost everything I do’.

Undefined Territories: Perspectives on Colonial Legacies
At the centre of the exhibition is Naeem Mohaiemen’s (b. 1969) acclaimed film Two Meetings and a Funeral (2017), to articulate the momentum and solidarity of the NAM’s leftist ideologies and unravel the complexities behind its unfortunate failure. Other works in the exhibition look further back from this historic moment to address the imprint of colonial repression and dispossession, as well as the ways in which imperial powers have exerted control through epistemic structures, such as political mapping and language. Through the works of artists from varied geographies and diasporas, the exhibition also points to the challenges of independence and the postcolonial condition.

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