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Every Saturday, from 4 to 8 pm, you can visit the exhibitions and get to know them better with the artists themselves. And why not come and be surprised by the outstanding programmes on offer the last Saturday of each month? Enjoy contemporary art for free thanks to our collaboration with Uniqlo.

Forthcoming MACBA Saturdays:

- 29/9
Chroma. A Derek Jarman Triute. By a.mal.gam.a

- 06/10 Parlem de Melanie Smith. Pintura mural revisitada with Silvia Noguer and Jordi Font, MACBA's art restorers.
- 13/10 Parlem de A Short Century: MACBA Collection with Tanya Barson
- 20/10 Parlem de A Short Century: MACBA Collection with Domènec, artist. Within the framework of Ciutat oberta. Biennal del pensament.
- 27/10 Boris Charmatz. 20 Dancers for the XX Century

- 03/11 Parlem de A Short Century: MACBA Collectionwith Antònia M. Perelló
- 10/11 Parlem de In the Open or in Stealth with Hiuwai Chu
- 17/11 Parlem de AIDS Anarchive, with Equipo re (Aimar Arriola, Nancy Garín and Linda Valdés)
- 24/11 Meneo (Rigo Pex)

- 01/12 Parlem de Jaume Plensa, with Ferran Barenblit
- 15/12 Parlem de In the Open or in Stealth with Josep Perelló
- 22/12 TUTU. The feet and brain. Schizoclub
- 29/12 Parlem de... Hydra Decapita, with Tania Safura Adam

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