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This is the fourth cooperative project (2023-2026) led by L’Internationale, focusing on the themes of climate, translocal cooperation, and artistic strategies of healing and repair. ‘Museum of the Commons’ weaves together three transversal thematic threads corresponding to key challenges contemporary societies are facing:

Climate tackles issues of the current planetary climate crisis, the sustainability of institutional, artistic and cultural practices and processes, and the urgency of ecologically transforming our politics, societies, cultures and ways of life.

Situated Organizations queries the role of museums and art organizations as actors in complex social networks and ecosystems, in order to seek new ways of democratizing institutions and render them more open, inclusive and useful.

Past in the Present, the final thread, focuses on the crucial roles our local and shared histories hold in constituting contemporary identities, politics, societies and cultures, investigating the persistence and long-lasting impact of historical and current environmental and colonial violence.

These content threads unfold through different activities – schools, seminars, residencies, public programmes and exhibitions. Assemblies for each of the strands meet online once every two months. In addition, there is an editorial board that decides on content and direction for L’Internationale Online and a Visibility Group that formulates and implements a communication plan for the network.

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