Jeleton is a group formed in 1999 by Jesús Arpal Moya or Jesús Jeleton and María de los Ángeles Alcántara or Gelen Jeleton to work with visual, literary and musical archives to reinterpret the artistic canons which (de)formed us in a critical and twisted form. Disseminating the results in space and time and through various distribution channels, they overcome the dampening effect of the usual context in which these works are presented. They have taken their work to La Taller, Centro Párraga, El Respiradero, Halfhouse, MACBA, X Bienal Centroamericana, Tabakalera, Bulegoa z/b, Manifesta 8, among others. Since 2013 Jesús Jeleton has also been a working member of the cooperative La Caníbal, bookshop and cultural project for transfeminist, anticapitalist and decolonial social transformation.

Photo of Equipo Jeleton