Between Halloween and the winter solstice, we present a ritual rich in images, words, and sounds, for the many who are no longer with us and the many of us who want to live.

The action takes the form of a constellation of small art works, and features three different live performance techniques: India ink drawings on skin, recited words, and sound and electronic collages. This action is a continuation of the sessions of drawing on the body that the Jeleton team has carried out in various spaces this year (Hangar, Fundació Joan Miró, Santa Martha Acatitla Penitentiary), their interventions on vinyl records under the name turntable pieces over the past five years, their turntable actions based on the use of voice and words, and well as their ‘notes on the text’ actions over the past six years.

Jeleton (Gelen Alcántara Sánchez and Jesús Arpal Moya) is an artistic team that has been developing artistic practices in various media, in particular drawing and action art, since 1999. They have presented their work in exhibitions, concerts, and publishing, research and educational contexts in public and private cultural and educational centres as well as independent venues and self-managed spaces.

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