From May 10 to September 24, 2024

The exhibition offers an extensive overview of the work of Jordi Colomer from the late eighties to the present through multiple formats: sculptures, collages, installations, photography, video and live performances. Most of the works are productions carried out in specific contexts in cities around the world. Some test the porosity of the museum, with what is happening inside the galleries often reverberating outside and returning with new contributions.

The exhibition presents an approach to Colomer's work based on its scenographic dimension, where the illusory and the real come together in a continuous back-and-forth. In the impurity of theatricality, fiction acquires a real dimension through the actions of its characters and the materiality of its staging. Through this ambivalence, fabulation becomes political by affirming that we can discuss collective life while it is imagined and simultaneously realised, as if it were an authentic prefiguration; that modality of direct action that tests possibilities in real time and in specific places.

For the effective deployment of this kind of prefiguration of another life, another communal model and another eventual city, in the exhibition numerous situations take shape and multiple questions are raised: How and where are communities built? Who are their actors? What are their temporalities? How are their imaginaries constituted? Various object-sculptures populate the installation in the manner of an elementary alphabet with which to address these questions. Among the numerous projects, sometimes the emphasis falls on spaces with the greatest entropic energy (suburbs, rooftops, deserts and all kinds of thresholds); at other times, on the invention of rituals capable of stimulating the imagination, creativity and the emancipation of behaviour (play, humour, participation, parades, processions, etc.), often orchestrated by a leader or crier, capable of adopting various profiles and equipped with different tools with the potential for transformation (slogans, maps, models).

The exhibition is organised as a concatenation of scenes that challenge the chronological order and create contamination between geographies, stories, objects and audience participation inside and outside the Museum. The general atmosphere is ‘deeply nomadic’. Inside the Museum, in an organic (dis)order, the different projects coexist in an environment where simultaneity, fragility and different itineraries are encouraged to create the kind of urban mobile experience typical of fairs and other ephemeral environments. Outside the Museum galleries, the heterogeneity of the public space multiplies the agents invited to join this dynamic.

On the occasion of the exhibition, three new works have been created: ABECEDARIO (Opereta), Spanish Coast and El Balcó.


Jordi Colomer

Curated by

Martí Peran