Since before the Romantic period, the aesthetic regime of literature was dominated by the importance of the manuscript, which was considered to be the source of truth and a guarantee of originality. In the course of the twentieth century, technical reproduction and the resulting ‘crisis of aura’ in the visual arts did not affect the status of literature. But the digital revolution ousted the manuscript and opened up a new set of questions. How can we conceive writing in the age of immaterial production? How do we define what a work is, if an original physical copy is no longer necessary? The lecture is not intended to argue a particular theory, but to raise a series of questions and opportunities for reflection, based on specific reading experiences.


WEDNESDAY 14 MAY, AT 7.30 pm

Sergio Chejfec (Buenos Aires, 1956) is an essay and fiction writer. He lived in Caracas from 1990 to 2005, before moving to New York where he teaches in the Creative Writing in Spanish Masters programme at New York University. His four most recent books were published in Spain by Candaya: Mis dos mundos, Baroni: un viaje, La experiencia dramática and Modo linterna.

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Lecture by Sergio Chejfec about the 'Writing in the Age of Immaterial Production'