Taking our cue from Spanish laws that have condemned, normalised, punished and oppressed bodies and sexualities over the years, we are giving a performative reading that turns the written word into overlapping rhymes and sequences that create parasonic* soundscapes.

* The many definitions of ‘parasonic’ include the impossibility of ever finding a correct theoretical definition. We take ‘parasonic’ to encompass everything deduced exclusively from a shared sound experience.

By Isamit Morales and Itxaso Corral.

The archive features materials generously made available by the following documentation centres, collectives and individuals: Ca la Dona, Casal Lambda, Álex Brahim, La Fanzinoteca, ACATHI and ¿Archivo Queer?, among others.

The project is coordinated by Lucía Egaña Rojas in collaboration with students from MACBA’s Independent Study Programme (Julieta Obiols, Vatiu Nicolás Koralsky, Benzo, Diego Posada, Héctor Acuña, Juan David Galindo, Lina Sánchez, Lior Zisman Zalis, Javiera Pizarro, Itxaso Corral, Isamit Morales, Alexander Arilla) and Camila González S.


Itxaso Corral
Vagxs y maleantxs.


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