As every year, the museum will be opening its exhibitions to festival-goers and hosting the Sonarcomplex stage, among other activities. During the festival, entry into the museum will be limited exclusively to those holding Sonar tickets.


ExtraMatica TANTAL - Marcel·lí Antúnez
(MACBA Atri)

Mechanism of ephemeral identities
The identification system used by the theatre, cinema, literature and art in general, is based on the description of characters, via whom we immerse ourselves as spectators into their story. Despite being physically separate from the character, there are moments when we empathize with them. But what would happen if this identification allowed us to experience some of these roles from our own physical identity? The "Tantal" installation contemplates the possibility of living extraordinary stories in our own skin. Technically, "Tantal" consists of a filming device which can pick up an animated sequence of the faces of those spectators who wish to take part. The faces of the users of the interface become the actors by means of the virtual bodies in the film. The spectator abandons the private realm and enters the public realm.

(MACBA Auditori)

"The 'DE9' project has always been an outlet where I can experiment with my thoughts on where the idea of dj'ing and performance are headed in the future". (Richie Hawtin)

In 1998 before manufacturers had really taken the initative to intergrate effects into their Dj mixers, the first DE9 was released. Simply titled "Decks, Efx & 909", this first installment explored how far one could manipulate sound by transforming dozens of overlaid tracks using digital & analog effects. In 2001, months before Ableton Live was unleashed, the second installment of "DE9" was completed. "DE9: Closer to the Edit" looked closer into the actual structure of the tracks that were being used; splicing, dicing, micro-editing, and reorganizing hundreds of loops into a completely new composition. Now in 2005, Ableton, and other software/hardware techniques for sync'ing & looping are common place. "DE9: Transition" builds upon the previous two releases and uses the freedom of all these new techniques and explores a new area of the mix, that of the transition. However, the exploration of the transition is not only limited to the X & Y (time & amplitude) planes of Sound, but also in the Z plane (depth) of Space, opening up the mix for the first time into a fully encompassing, surround sound (5.1) environment. "DE9: Transition" has been from start to end, constructed, and composed to be a completely immersive experience, allowing you to get further into the heart of it (the music?) all... and this time, even closer to the edit. "DE9: Transition" will be released in Sept 2005 (Minus/Novamute) on CD and DVD, including both Stereo and 5.1 Surround Sound versions, as well as high resolution audio versions and accompanying visuals. We will preview a section of the 5.1 Surround version for the first time at Sonar 2005.

SonarComplex 16 JUNE
13h. Monoceros
17h. Tape
19h. David Stackenäs
21h. Goodiepal

13h. Dargelos
17h. World's End Girlfriend
19h. Yamauchi
21h. Nullpointer

13h. Coeval
17h. Es
18h. Kemialliset Ystävät
19h. Islaja
21h. Matt Elliott