Albert Serra, Singularity, 2015. © Albert Serra

May 18th 2020

The film Singularity by the filmmaker Albert Serra will launch the “Open Screen. Works from the MACBA Collection” cycle. Singularity, presented in the Catalan pavilion at the Venice Biennale in 2015, Albert Serra created a thematically and formally complex projection that visitors could explore at their own discretion. A lengthy visual journey through the dark environments of mining and prostitution, it addresses the notion of ‘singularity’. It is a term that has its roots in mathematics, which, in the filmmaker’s hands, serves to rethink the contemporary relationship between humans and machines, and the very idea of civilisation itself. As we commonly find in Serra’s cinematography, the lack of a closed story and the slowness of the scenes are coupled with the atmospheric beauty of the images, irony and an element of mystery. 

For this first presentation of the film at MACBA, the introduction or, in the artist’s words, “the first screen” will be published together with the filmmaker’s comments recorded especially for this occasion.

Albert Serra presents his work "Singularity"
Free-to-air film throughout the day 18 May
Free-to-air film throughout the day 18 May
The essence of the fragment and the module resonates deeply in my work.
Pep Agut