May 18th 2020. International Museum Day


  • Durante todo el día 18: video projection of Deaf Ears by Antoni Abad
  • 6 pm: open conversation

Deaf Ears, 2019*, in its original format, comprises three simultaneous video projections, in which the deaf participants discuss a series of topics of their choosing in Catalan sign language. The artist has chosen one of these video projections for free-to-air presentation at, which will be available throughout the day on 18 May.

At 6 pm on the same day, 18 May, the artist will converse live with Ferran Barenblit, MACBA’s Director, and Cristina Bonet, assistant curator of, Antoni Abad’s last exhibition at the museum (2014). The streamed conversation will be open to public participation and will be subtitled simultaneously in the original language (Catalan) and interpreted into Catalan sign language.

* Deaf Ears, 2019 is a work produced with the Beca Multiverso a la creación en videoarte 2018, a grant awarded by Fundación BBVA - Museo de Bellas Artes de Bilbao, in collaboration with the Federation of Deaf People of Catalonia, the Phonos Foundation and Pompeu Fabra University.

Antoni Abad "Deaf Ears, 2019"




FONS ÀUDIO #24. Antoni Abad