Lecture and seminar

Thirty-seven years after René Schérer's L'Émile Perverti

The structure of this conference and seminar is based on the reactions that René Schérer's book L'Émile Perverti (1970 and 2006, translated into Spanish in 1984 under the ambiguous title La Pedagogía Pervertida (Laertes Press, Barcelona)) can provoke. In other words, it focuses on the way that different classes that deal with pedagogy understand, explain, and apply the ideas defended by Schérer. In that sense, the seminar will be similar to a reading club and discussion. For that reason, topics will come from two main points: 1. The ideas exhibited by Schérer in the 70s (genealogical approach); and 2. The projection of those ideas within the framework of contemporary teaching.

This conference and seminar is organized by Manuel Asensi's research group, and by the MACBA. Participants include: professors from the University of Girona, Barcelona's autonomous University, members of the MACBA's PEI open program, as well as representatives from different collectives (elementary school, high school, feminist and queer groups, institutional representatives, teachers).

Simultaneous translation service provided. In cooperation with the University of Girona, The Autonomous University of Barcelona, and the PEI open program.


Lecture THURSDAY, MAY 3 7 pm
La pedagogía pervertida and Manifiesto antipedagógico presentation. By René Schérer and Manuel Asensi.

8 pm

Seminar FRIDAY, MAY 4 5 pm
Schérer and teaching. With Francisco Cuevas, Manuel Asensi and Xavier Antich.

7 pm
Schérer, feminism and queer theory. By Rafa Mérida, Beatriz Preciado and Meri Torras.

8 pm

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