Jordi Balló i Fantova talks about "Informe general", a work by the artist Pere portabella
Pere Portabella "Informe General"
Pere Portabella "Informe General"
Thursday 2 July, from 10 am – available for 24 hours

Pere Portabella
Informe General (General Report) 
Length: 158 min

Made in the months after the death of Franco, Pere Portabella gathers footage of the social and political situations of that time. Faithful to his cinematographic stance, he uses fiction film techniques to construct a wholly historical document. Politicians, trade union representatives, republicans, monarchists and exiles reflect on how to make the shift from dictatorship to a democratic rule-of-law State. The film sketches a mosaic of the post-Francoist future, or the so-called ‘transition’, and reflects on what cinema should be. 

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