Friday, March 1, 2024

Poetry, in its unsettling sonority, has resisted and transcended the most unacceptable forms of violence. It is capable of crossing linguistic and visual "borders", establishing unbreakable networks of community and solidarity. During times like these, what are the songs that create bonds and possibilities when facing horror? What are the verses to come, in that collective "Future" that we are capable of creating? What do their lyrics tell us about those generations that are no longer here and those soon to arrive? What do they tell us of united diasporas and shared exiles, of ongoing solidarity? We invite voices from inside and outside of resistant Palestine to this collective song, in dialogue with voices from other territories, united in their struggle. A collective song to life and Good Living from territories that are being devastated today, but that nevertheless do not abandon their struggle from the material and the sensitive.

This event is presented as part of Song for Many Movements, an ephemeral experiment in which the ground floor of MACBA becomes a stage for encounters, conversations and shared listening. Curated by María Berríos and Sabel Gavaldon.


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