An interactive piece inspired by the work of Cildo Merieles, in which the choreographer Bebeto Cidra transfers the Brazilian artist’s capacity to create works of great sensorial power into the world of dance. A show based on the concept of the boundaries or limits of what we see and what we perceive, in the sense of physical or mental impositions that coerce the freedom of the individual.

In the labyrinth of MACBA as a stage, access is both allowed and denied. The gaze can enter but the body cannot cross boundaries with ease. The physical presence of music transmitted and manipulated live by Martín Hug based on the sound sensors embedded in hidden corners and objects of the Museum, highlights and emphasises the material qualities of space.

Bebeto Cidra, Dance Company
Director and choreographer: Bebeto Cidra
Live music: Martín Hug
Wardrobe: Labiano B.N.
Performance and creation: Bebeto Cidra, Guy Nader, Carlos Fernandez, Reinaldo Ribeiro, Iva Horvat, Daniel Rosado, Andrea Just, Manuel Palazzo, Pau Tintore i Sebastián García Ferro).

Main sponsor of the activities:
Estrella Damm
Gestures of the Path


SATURDAY 16 MAY 2015, 9 pm
Venue: Museum Atrium.
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Tel: 93 481 33 68