For secondary school educators

Contemporary Art. Level zero is an introductory course that explores some of the basic notions around contemporary practices and then applies them as a way of offering an open, flexible approach to new artistic languages.

The course consists of a mix of theoretical classroom sessions and direct observation and analytical work at a series of cultural centres. Participants will be given information on the work of some contemporary artists who are part of the MACBA Collection, and they will be encouraged to read original sources as the foundation for critical analysis. The different ways of approaching contemporary art will trigger dialogue and allow participants to explore the key concepts that arise in the group discussions.

Courses imparted by art historians Víctor Ramírez and David Pablo.

Actividad en el marco de colaboraciones entre miembros de Xarxaprod
Arte contemporaneo. Nivel cero
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Art contemporani. Nivell zero


Son[i]a #101 Tonina Cerdà
I like to work with what is often called "cultural heritage", but the materials that I use are banal and clichéd, like sugar blocks, doors, couscous, rugs, official documents.
Latifa Echakhch