Guided tour by Bartomeu Marí, MACBA's director

The work of the Brazilian artist Cildo Meireles (Rio de Janeiro, 1948) stands out not only for its social, political and aesthetic commitment, but also for its conceptual rigour and capacity to rattle consciences. Since the late sixties, Meireles has been the author of a series of sculptures and installations which refer like icons to the collective images of a specific time and situation, the Brazil of his day. His works involve the senses of sight, smell and touch and provoke thought on perception and the notions of space and time.

The exhibition follows a path through Meireles' entire oeuvre, from the first works in which he portrays models of representation of space connected to certain models of concrete art, to the large-scale installations in which the lines between medium, support, material and technique are blurred. His work reflects his fascination for scale, employing from an object the size of a ring to an installation of some 225 m2.

Inauguration: February 10, 2009
Exhibition dates: From February 11 to April 26, 2009


ACTIVITY ONLY FOR FRIENDS OF MACBA:Guided tour by Bartomeu Marí, MACBA's director. Wednesday March 4,, at 7 pm
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Visita guiada a l'exposició "Cildo Meireles" per als Amics del MACBA
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