Guided tour by Julia Robinson, curator of the exhibition

The display will trace a path through the artist's career, from his initial works in the 1930s, pieces that broadened the parameters of percussion music by incorporating the most unconventional of instruments, leading to his "prepared piano," moving to his famous theory on 'silence' (and the score 4'33''), his pathbreaking deployment of chance and then indeterminacy, and culminating his innovative multimedia work, which began in the 1960s and continued through the 1980s. One of the main sections of the exhibition will chart the network of repercussions as Cage's radical conceptual transformation of "composition" entered the strategies of advanced art. A trajectory framed by dialogues with artists -Marcel Duchamp, Robert Rauschenberg among many others- and reacting to the same emergent media as Andy Warhol.

Opening: October 22 at las 7.30 pm

Exposición: till January 10, 2010


ACTIVITY ONLY FOR FRIENDS OF MACBA: Guided tour by Julia Robinson, curator of the exhibition.
Monday October 26, at 7.30 pm
Pl. dels Àngels 8, 08001 Barcelona
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Guided tour by Julia E. Robinson, curator of the exhibition, for the Friends of MACBA
JOHN CAGE. Notes towards a re-reading of the “Roaratorio”
Son[i]a #90. Margaret Leng Tan