Wednesday, 12 April, 2023 

Achille Mbembe will address the concept of earthly community in relation to the forms of struggle that rise up against the legacy of colonial modernity.

Taking the question Where are the Oases? as the starting point for this ninth edition of PEI, the seminar aims to explore diverse configurations of emancipatory space-times, intersections of decolonial practice and thought.

The Independent Studies Programme (PEI) is a learning tool that aims to share and disseminate part of its content via the PEI Obert programme and the La Colonie nomade project, as well as through the occasional offer of places in certain academic courses.

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6:00 pm

Introduction by Elvira Dyangani Ose

6:30 pm

Achille Mbembe, Our Earthly Community

In an age in which the instrumentalisation of reason is carried out by means of information machines and calculation technologies, it is necessary to ask what remains of the human subject, how these technologies are redefining the values of the calculable and the incalculable, of what is judged worthy and what is judged worthless and, therefore, expendable. If we can find a way to turn these technologies into instruments of liberation, will we be able to invent different ways of calculating that open up the possibility of a different aesthetic, of an alternative politics of inhabiting, repairing, and sharing the Earth?

  • The activity is held in the MACBA Meier Auditorium in English.
  • You can also follow it live on the museum’s website and YouTube channel.
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