The MACBA's educational programs reach beyond a merely static and aesthetic contemplation of a work of art: they show the student the artist's intention, encouraging reflection and extrapolating the resulting concepts, as well as help them draw parallels with elements from their own worlds. The activities' educational richness will help turn them into something more than "good viewers," planting the seeds of dialogue, idea associations, critical spirit, empathy, and expressive capacity... that and much more, all of which will benefit them immensely throughout their education. This year we wish to more closely examine the MACBA Collection through various course offerings adapted to meet the needs of both students at various grade levels as well as educators. And so, in addition to guided tours, the projects Expressart. Portable museum and Reading a collection will allow a more in-depth study in the classroom before visiting the Museum. For the first time, we will offer the project Video MACBA to high school students. The project, a selection of audiovisual works from our Collection that are rarely shown together in the halls, serves as the jumping off point for reflection and analysis.
The temporary exhibition Are You Ready for TV? gives us the opportunity to examine the relationship between art and television and to gain a practical experience in the halls using this medium.
This year, we are enlarging our course offerings for educators, with the trimester course Initiation to Contemporary Art. We are also updating our website with an educational space where educators will be able to find current information about our permanent and temporary programs.

Students from de Agustí Serra i Fontanet Secondary School (Sabadell) at MACBA, 2010. Photo: Òscar Ferrer
For group and education program information please call 93 412 14 13
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Students from de Àngels Garriga Primary School (Barcelona) at MACBA, 2010. Photo: Òscar Ferrer


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