INTERFACEs 25 and 26

Summer living often takes us into another world. In July 1977, when Dieter Roth arrived in Cadaqués at the invitation of Richard Hamilton, he took a sketchbook and began applying pencil, ink, salami, cigarette ends and other materials to it. Then he passed the pages to Hamilton so he might continue working on them, as they had often done in the past. Afterwards, the two friends noticed that certain images showed a marked similarity to their self-portraits. Thus INTERFACES was born. A few months later, Roth suggested they photographed themselves trying to look as close as possible to these portraits. With irony, humour and a playful spirit, this series celebrates their friendship and invites us to exchange portraits with those close to us.

Dieter Roth / Richard Hamilton "INTERFACEs 25 i 26", 1977
Dieter Roth / Richard Hamilton "INTERFACEs 53 i 54", 1977
INTERFACEs 11 i 12
INTERFACEs 31 i 32