Harun Farocki and war as a media construction; Akram Zaatari and the conflicts spanning generations; Fikret Atay and the persistent fight against the powers that annihilate; Mircea Cantor and the human diaspora in the Europe of borders; Miralda and the tedium of military life; Francesc Abad and war as a game in the collective imaginary. We recover the collectables that, in the last year, have configured our anti-war series. One by one, from different perspectives and in multiple languages, they put forward a plurality of outlooks with one message in common: to open processes of appeasement where there aren’t any, to recover the political imagination and deactivate war ideologies. The reflection of philosopher and activist Franco ‘Bifo’ Berardi in an interview for Ràdio Web MACBA, in 2011, provides the discursive tools for this endeavour. ‘What is happening isn’t normal. It is the transformation of the political system into something that isn’t human. The human element has been cancelled in the relationship between society and politics, and between society and economics.’

You can listen to Franco Berardi's own statements in an interview with Radio Web MACBA:

Son[i]a #141. Franco Berardi