(Ir. T. nº 513) zuloa. Extended Repertory, 2003-2007

Media installation, Various dimensions

(Ir. T. n.º513) zuloa. Extended Repertory encapsulates many of the recurring interests and themes in the work of Ibon Aranberri, a Basque artist whose presence on the international art scene is on the rise. His installations focus on uses and abuses of the territory in recent history by those in power. His videos, actions in the landscape, documents and photographs are at the intersection of archival practice, documentary records and land art interventions.

In 2003, Aranberri used a black metal structure to block the entrance to a cave in the Guipúzcoan mountains that is of great scientific value: the prehistoric Iritegi cave. The nomenclature of the title (Ir. T. n.º 513) refers to its scientific code in archaeological guide books. The artist left a narrow entrance for the colony of endangered bats that live in the grotto, but he vetoed people’s access to a natural space that is highly significant to the collective imaginary of the Basque Country. The action was a work of Land Art, which was not based on a local-level attempt to preserve the landscape, but rather sought to recodify it and create new communal meanings.

For the five years following this intervention, the artist has been amassing scientific, historic, archaeological and photographic documentation on this cave in the artwork (Ir. T. n.º513) zuloa. Extended Repetory, which he presents as a heterogeneous installation. While the video of the action has been screened in various Land Art film programmes, the full work also includes drawings, maps and photographs.

Technical details

Original title:
(Ir. T. nº 513) zuloa. Extended Repertory
Registration number:
Aranberri, Ibon
Date created:
Date acquired:
MACBA Collection. MACBA Foundation
Object type:
Media installation
Printed ink on paper, C-Print, wooden and glass vitrine and single-channel video, colour, sound, 8 min
Various dimensions
Edition number:
Ed. 4/6 + 1 P.A.
MACBA Collection. MACBA Foundation. Fundación Repsol Collection
© Ibon Aranberri
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Ibon Aranberri "(Ir. T. nº 513) zuloa. Extended Repertory", 2003-2007
Ibon Aranberri "(Ir. T. nº 513) zuloa. Extended Repertory", 2003-2007
Ibon Aranberri "(Ir. T. nº 513) zuloa. Extended Repertory", 2003-2007


FONS ÀUDIO #10. Ibon Aranberri