The meshes painted by Néstor Sanmiguel Diest show a balance between austerity and abundance, between signs and figures. This artist, a leading light of the 1980s avant-garde in Aragon, constructs his works as an obsessive drawing of lines methodically delimiting fragmented spaces. Some divide the surface of the work into rectangles of various sizes placed over a handwritten text or typescript. Others are strongly suggestive of geometric abstraction. In a 1980s artistic milieu that was dominated by abstraction in language and materials, the work of Néstor Sanmiguel is closer to that of Post-Conceptual American artists who favoured emphasising the sign and the consumer society in a postmodern withdrawal from Pop art principles.
Néstor Sanmiguel constructs his work like a veritable visual palimpsest.
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It could be my bedroom (or something similar to it). Even the same technical characteristics: all the walls and volumes constructed in this module of raw canvas for painters to measure me and measure ourselves.
Pep Agut