Propuesta de nuevo edificio macba
Proposta d'ampliació del MACBA

A more participatory, approachable and humane museum

We are working to build a museum that is more permeable, more empathic and attentive to the realities and needs of the communities with which we coexist: the communities of the neighbourhood and those of the city.


A museum that is more navigable and open to its public and communities

A museum that will offer more freely accessible spaces for gathering, learning, conciliation, experimentation, leisure and co-responsibility. A museum that opens itself up to the square, and a square that embraces the museum.

Proposta d'ampliació del MACBA de l'interior de les sales

A larger museum to share artistic experiences

More space available to share a collection in constant transformation; to offer activities, educational programmes, research and artistic production processes; to activate dialogues and construct different art narratives.