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The museum is closed on Tuesdays.

There are no activities programmed for today, but you can still enjoy the digital contents of our website. Furthermore, you can check out our programme for the week by consulting the MACBA calendar.


MACBA Digital Repository

More than a hundred photographic reports of exhibitions, manuscripts by Brossa or Miserachs photographies, now available through the MACBA digital repository


Una conversación con Martha Rosler

Interview with the artist Martha Rosler by Benjamin Buchloh that we are republishing in this Quadern portàtil.


Radio Web MACBA

Anar a Radio Web MACBA

Last Program — 20/06/2017

— Son[i]a

Yayo Herrero

L'ecofeminista Yayo Herrero parla sobre les diferents manifestacions de l’ecofeminisme; sobre la gestió política dels desitjos, les expectatives i les necessitats; sobre la importància dels treballs reproductius i la necessitat d'establir nous patrons de coresponsabilitat social i institucional; i sobre la gestió dels comuns.