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Forensic Architecture. Hacia una estética investigativa

US drone strikes on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border, the ‘Black Friday’ carnage in Rafah in the Gaza Strip, the reconstruction of the Syrian torture prison at Saydnaya based on the memories of survivors, and environmental violence in Guatemala and Indonesia.




Video copilation of the Petroleum seminar.

"There are alternatives that have been proposed, many of them by the communities, and every single one of these resistances lead to social cause and social impact". Leah Temper



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This fonds of photographs, audiovisual and sound recordings, graphic material and documents is now accessible through the computers in the Library reading room.

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Yayo Herrero

L'ecofeminista Yayo Herrero parla sobre les diferents manifestacions de l’ecofeminisme; sobre la gestió política dels desitjos, les expectatives i les necessitats; sobre la importància dels treballs reproductius i la necessitat d'establir nous patrons de coresponsabilitat social i institucional; i sobre la gestió dels comuns.