From July 19, to November 3, 2024

MACBA will premiere Wu Tsang’s film installation, a meditation on the multiplicity of meanings embodied in the protagonist of Georges Bizet’s opera. Carmen is a symbol of freedom and a conduit for misogyny, a sacrificial icon, an impure, generative force, that constitutes a threat to Europeanness. Shot in Seville, the film looks at the popular constructions and adaptations of the myth of Carmen, which blends fiction with a historically contested landscape. The film uses movement and sound to weave together the different scenes and characters. 

Wu Tsang (Worcester, Massachusetts, 1992) is a filmmaker and performance artist who combines documentary and narrative techniques with fantastical detours into the imaginary in works that explore hidden histories, marginalised narratives, and the act of performing itself. Tsang re-imagines racialised, gendered representations beyond the visible frame to encompass the multiple and shifting perspectives through which we experience the social realm. 

The exhibition will be accompanied by a series of performances in collaboration with the Grec Festival

Tsang's films performances, and installations have been presented at museums, biennials and film festivals internationally. In 2018, she was the recipient of the prestigious MacArthur grant.

In collaboration with TBA21