Eugènia Balcells (Barcelona, 1943) embarked on her artistic career in the mid seventies in Catalonia, in a context dominated by Conceptual Art. In 1968 she had moved to New York where she completed her education and began to exhibit her installations, films and videos. Her artistic mastery of multimedia and her academic background in architecture led her to develop a poetic language that
brought a high level of complexity and harmony to her work.

Seeing the Light was the result of a collaboration between the artist and MACBA’s Educational Service. It consisted of two interconnected installations: Campos de color: una recreación de la luz a través del color and Traspasar límites: la creación de la imagen.

The exhibition offered visitors the opportunity to directly experience light in its purest state – colour and form – and also highlighted the importance of light in the creation and contemplation of artworks.


30 NOV. -1 Sa Llonja-Conselleria de Cultura de Mallorca
30 NOV. -1 Sala de exposiciones del Ayuntamiento de Bolonia, Italia