Artists' books, conceived as rare and special artistic objects that are the product of an always fruitful alliance between writers and artists, have been a highly specific field within contemporary creation. These unique books published in more or less limited editions can revolve around all sorts of aesthetic ideas and concepts, and their singularity gives them something of the auratic nature of a work of art.

The exhibition En reserva, curated by Gloria Picazo, allowed MACBA to open up the holdings of its Library to the public and to disseminate a series of publications that are not easily accessible outside of the specialist sphere.
En reserva included books by Christian Boltanski, Marcel Broodthaers, John Cage, Francesco Clemente, Jordi Colomer, Enzo Cucchi, Pep Duran, Fluxus, Fundación Joan Tabique, Alfredo Jaar, On Kawara, Miralda, Perejaume, Carlos Pazos, Carlos Santos and Lawrence Weiner.