The aim of the debate is to present different multidisciplinary ways of working in the field of secondary education. The project is designed for teachers in secondary education and high school students in a broad sense, i.e., not restricted to the field of art teaching, but trying to propose transversal work methods even if visual culture is the starting point. The emphasis will therefore be laid on aspects of popular culture and consumption, the construction of young people's identity, gender identities, the new hybrid artistic genres (with the video clip as paradigm), the urban environment as text, etc. The point is for the teachers to find work instruments which can be useful in different fields and serve as a zone of resistance in the face of the disappearance of the artistic disciplines in the new school programmes.


10:30 am
Visual culture. User's manual.
Symposium introduction.
Fernando Hernández, Iñaki Echevarría, Daniel Moya and Jorge Ribalta.

12 pm
Sexuality, identity, gender
· Des/identidades, Helena Torres.
· Of visual pleasures and violence, Col·lectiu Drac Màgic.
· Homosexualities: ultra-exceeding the educational frame, Casal Lambda (Jordi Samsó Montagut and Jordi Escudero Guàrdia).
Presentation of proposals and experiences. Roundtable discussion moderated by Judit Vidiella.

2:30 pm

3 pm
Gender deconstruction workshop
Directed by the group Des/identidades
Limited enrollment. Please register in advance.

4 pm
Adolescence and urban environment
· Strange Looks, Claudio Zulián.
· Tele-education. Education and communication, (Montse Moix, Carme Mayugo and Marta Ricart).
· Approaches and appropriations of video, Maite Ninou.
· Capture the Raval, TEB. Youth association in the Raval (Aida García Villar).
Presentation of proposals and experiences. Roundtable discussion moderated by David Armengol.

6 pm
Subjectivity and difference
· A different world is possible, but it is in this one. An experience of cultural exchange and integration, IES Eugeni d'Ors.
· Visual culture's interpretation and critical production in secondary education from the perspective of difference, Montserrat Planella.
· Mediators, Albert Grau.
Presentation of proposals and experiences. Roundtable discussion moderated by Montse Rifà.

8 pm
Concluding remarks.
Laura Trafí, Aida Sánchez de Serdio and Gemma Paricio.

8:30 pm
Adrian Piper. Since 1965
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