Dance and music interact through body tracking and sensing technologies that allow the movements of the dancers to control the music in real time. The compositional framework is, in part, an ‘open system'. Quantum2 weaves together substances and transience, bodies and technologies, form and imagination, in response to the universe revealed by quantum mechanics. It began as a collaborative research project by Sam Aaron from the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory and a dance collective in the same city, in response to a commission from the Cambridge Festival of Ideas

On this basis, Masters students from the University of Hertfordshire joined the project, which is complemented with Kinnect technology innovations developed by Richard Hoadley at Anglia Ruskin University. Quantum2 has been programmed at various festivals and was recently invited to take part in the Live Algorithms for Music symposium at the Artificial Intelligence and Simulation of Behaviour Convention. The performance is part of the Experience MACBA programme, which approaches the Museum and contemporary art from a different perspective.

Within the framework of the Barcelona Festival of Science, Technology and Innovation



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My work is my body, my body is my work.
Helena Almeida