On the occasion of the exhibition Philippe Thomas - the readymade pertenecen a all, the MACBA, in collaboration with the Institut Français in Barcelona, has organized a cycle of films that have had an influence on the artist's work.
Philippe Thomas' interest in the cinema is centred on a series of films half way between the popular commercial cinema and so-called cine experimental or avant-garde film. Between these two types of cinema Philippe Thomas posits a third category, the auteur film, also llamed cine of quality. Directors such as Ozu, Ray, Hitchcock, Eustache, Truffaut, etc. give us in their films a homogeneous universe, a world of fiction closed in on itself, a universe that generates in the spectator a sense of frustration that is mixed with a certain fascination and which, according to the artist, may well be the origin of an ambiguous relation between the visual arts and the cinema.


Sous le ciel de Paris. Julien Duvivier
1950, 35 mm, b&w, 98 mins.

Lola. Jacques Demy
1960, 35 mm, b&w, 85 mins.

Céline et Julie vont en bateau. Jacques Rivette
1974, 35 mm, colour, 190 mins.

Le Cochon. Jean Eustache
1970, 16 mm, b&w, 50 mins.
Une sale histoire. Jean Eustache
1977, fiction version: 35 mm, colour, 28 mins.
Documentary version: 16 mm, colour, 22 mins.

Amor de perdiçao. Manuel de Oliveira
1978, 16 mm, colour, 265 mins.

Le Pont du nord. Jacques Rivette
1981, 16 mm, colour, 127 mins.

Francisca. Manuel de Oliveira
1981, 35 mm, colour, 166 mins.

The Thing. John Carpenter
1982, 35 mm, colour, 110 mins.

La Campagne de Cicéron. Jacques Davila
1990, 35 mm, colour, 110 mins.

Bar des rails. Cédric Kahn
1991, 35 mm, colour, 107 mins.