By Juan David Galindo, Itxaso Corral and Alba Rihe.

How should we give a tour of a dislocated archive? Through our bodies. A guided tour where there is room for singing, narration, fiction, dance, action, bodies and flesh. How do we include our body in an archive of queer movements in Barcelona? We create crosscutting archive narratives, from our own discourse-imbued flesh in modern-day Barcelona. We explore past documents that crisscross our bodies and make us who we are. From a distance we inch closer to these documents. What brings something to our lives? What calls out to us? What affects us? What do we identify with? What challenges does it throw down to us?

This activity is within the framework of the Day and Night of the museums.


Itxaso Corral
Performative guided tour


SATURDAY 19 MAY 2018, AT 8 pm and 10 pm
CED ground floor
Free entrance
CED: centredestudis [at] macba [dot] cat
Tel: 93 481 33 68 / 93 481 79 05