Friday, March 2, 2024

19:00 pm

Meier Building

Free admission. No booking required. Limited space

If the Museo de las locas is a visual block in the construction of trans* memory, this action – their live show – takes the sonic witness of those present at the installation of El Palomar to transfer the echoes of their struggle for queer empowerment into a danceable format. This listening session intertwines fragments of the sonic legacy of a group of artists who, in their complexity, comprise an ongoing multi-faceted investigation and imbricates them with the musical language designed and composed for the occasion as a musical performance. The Museo de las locas adopts trans* memory to languages that break away from the aspirations of the museum as a classical architecture of the symbolic ordering of the world. Like the madwomen, it is not afraid to occupy the space in improvised, raucous ways, throwing a party, celebrating against the tide and bringing together community. The Museo de las locas (live) is a danceable sound map for a possible revolution of trans* consciousness.

This event is presented as part of Song for Many Movements, an ephemeral experiment in which the ground floor of MACBA becomes a stage for encounters, conversations and shared listening. Curated by María Berríos and Sabel Gavaldon.


If you have any question, feel free to contact us on 93 481 33 68 or by email at macba [at] macba [dot] cat.