The purpose of this laboratory is to open up a debate on the potential that discourses and practices such as open code, Copyleft and Creative Commons offer for a new institutional practice within cultural management and policy models. Is such new practice possible? How?

The laboratory is structured around presentations of case studies and experiences with institutional models that are light, precarious and deterritorialised as the starting point for a new, different institutional model, a kind of post-colonial museum to replace the dominant model that was established in the 19th century, generated by a geopolitical and cultural order determined by the emerging culture of industrial and colonial capitalism. What is the museum for the post-industrial, post-colonial age?

Part of the Translate. Beyond Culture: The Politics of Translation programme.
This project was financed with support from the European Commission

Marcel Broodthaers "Musée d'art moderne 1970- 1971 à vendre pour cause de faillite", 1970-1971


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