The writer Roser Ros offers an original tour of works from the MACBA Collection on Level 0 of the Museum, in which participants will be invited to take part in stimulating rotary games involving the artworks and literary fragments. A new approach to art, this time through words and oral culture.

The programme Experience MACBA invites you to discover the Museum and contemporary art in a different and surprising way. Every Saturday until 21 h. you can experience a different type of museum visit with special activities such as dance, music, cinema and performances accompanied by a Moritz beer. Come and discover the new Museum lounge-space!

Roser Ros is a URL professor and president of Tantàgora.

Federico Guzmán "Emboscadura", 1994-1995


Saturday 16 February, at 7 pm
MACBA Public Programs
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The objects are intended to have the objective character of industrial products. They are not intended to represent anything other than what they are. The previous categorization of the arts no longer exists.
Charlotte Posenenske