Thursday, 15 December 2022

In mid-December, a new sample of the MACBA Collection will be presented on the first floor of the Meier building. As a musical prelude, this presentation anticipates what will come later, with the opening of the new museum building and the opportunity to offer a new vision of the Collection. Poetics and politics enter into a dialogue that reflects on the inherent relationships between the work of art and its context, the work of art and the subjects surrounding it, the work of art and the material culture it generates. A review of case studies that incorporates recently acquired works or ones that had not yet been presented to the public. Works by Lúa Coderch, Ignasi Aballí, Dora García, Mirtha Dermisache, Mar Arza, Concha Jerez and others will be on display.

Visit by Elvira Dyangani Ose, director of the MACBA.

Joan Jonas "Lines in the Sand", 2002

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