As if in an experiment, this visit aims to activate the narrative form of La naturaleza de la ilusión visual (The Nature of Visual Illusion) by artist Juan Muñoz. The work consists of a group of human figures with Oriental features, in front of a backdrop, smiling ominously. The ensemble creates a strange and magical silence. We invite you to give voice to these characters and invent their history, breaking the silence.
Juan Muñoz "The Nature of Visual Illusion", 1994-1997. Colección MACBA. Fundación MACBA. Depósito particular © Estate of Juan Muñoz, 2013 Fotógrafo: Tony Coll


14, 16 AND 17 APRIL AT 12 NOON AND 5.30 pm
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The objects are intended to have the objective character of industrial products. They are not intended to represent anything other than what they are. The previous categorization of the arts no longer exists.
Charlotte Posenenske