Inaugural session of the cinema program: Harun Farocki. To think in images

Lecture given by Harun Farocki, filmmaker, and Roger M. Buergel, critic and independent curator and Director of Documenta XII (Kassel, 2007)

Organized with:
Goethe Institut


Jean-Marie Straub und Daniele Huillet bei der Arbeit an einem Film nach Franz Kafkas Romanfragment "Amerika" 1983, 26 min.16 mm

This film takes as its subject the process of creating a film—in this case a film by Farocki's former professor at the film academy, Jean-Marie Straub. Together with Danielle Huillet, Straub breaks with cinematographic language in a systematic way. The film is an homage to Straub that turns into a self-portrait of Farocki.

LECTURE, 7:30pm
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