Hoogerman is a dance production inspired by the work of Han Hoogerbrugge that attempts to embody the artist’s digital animation and adapt it to the language of live performance. While Hoogerbrugge digitalises man and his obsessions, worries and fears, Hoogerman seeks to transform this virtual world into something organic by way of a return to the body.

Our experience is shifting from a world made out of atoms to a computerised world made up of bits. In this piece we reflect on this dual reality, and on how our virtual avatars reflect our identities in the physical world. Based on a specific aesthetic inspired by Hoogerbrugge and adapted to the language of Erre que Erre, Hoogerman seeks to assemble an incisive, emotional discourse that spectators can identify with and that will lead them into universe that is not governed by the rules of logic: a chaotic world that reflects our obsessions and our concerns in pure form, and is fuelled by the individual and collective unconscious.

A piece by Mario G. Sáez for Erre que Erre
Creation and performance: Mario G. Sáez, with the collaboration of Ángeles Angulo
Director’s assistant: Ángeles Angulo
Lighting: Carles Rigual
Music: JPLS and Balago
Production design: Kike Palma
Visual programming: Román Torre
Communication: Ángeles Angulo

An Erre que Erre production. More information: www.errequeerredanza.net/

Main sponsor of the activities:
Estrella Damm
Photo: Alexis Taulé


SATURDAY 30 MAY 2015, 7 pm
Venue: Museum Atrium.
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