This workshop offers a creative and thought-provoking introduction to photography by linking photographic practice and the exploration of the city and of the MACBA and the CCCB.

It is divided into three stages. Firstly, participants examine photographs from the MACBA archives and by other authors, looking at them through a photographer’s eyes and linking them to the practice that will follow. Then, inspired by these examples, they embark on a photographic exploration of the area surrounding the MACBA and the CCCB buildings. Working in groups, participants explore the basic elements of photography (framing, composition, light, colour) and the main elements that make up the urban fabric (space, circulation, rhythm, movement). Finally, by choosing, printing, and ordering the images, participants shape their final photographic projects.

The workshop thus revolves around two aspects: on one hand, it explores the expressive effects of photography, and on the other it is a study of the city and the museum spaces through photographic creation.

The photographs will be posted on the web, creating a photographic archive and a visual mapping of the city.

The workshop The City of Photographers is a joint activity of MACBA and the CCCB within the framework of Fotografía en curso (Photography in progress), a programme of A Bao A Qu.

The City of Photographers



Duration of the activity: 3.5 h
Fee: 4 € per student