Master's program organized by the Foundation of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

The objective of this Master is to give students complementary study focused on action in hopes of orienting them with the changes in organization of urban processes and stimulating within them an innovative reflection on the contents and instruments of city policy.

This program is about forming and informing students about the integration and articulation of a variety of elements that intervene in the processes of planification and organizing projects and urban services on theoretical and practical levels. Through a presentation of case studies, we will talk about the European and American (South and North) experiences. That will serve to show participants the innovative elements necessary to efficiently face the complexity of urban politics with integral vocation.

The Master's program is a combination of two Post-graduate program programs of 225 hours each: Post-graduate program in Territorial Organization and Planification, and the Post-graduate program on City Government and Local Public Policy.
Each Post-graduate program is 11 weeks long with 15 class hours grouped into thematic modules, 1 week of a workshop as well as 15-45 hours of thesis work and research to be carried out over the following six months until the final module of each course.

The Master's program is directed towards professionals who want to expand upon, recycle or bring up to date their knowledge of the 21st Century city and its organizational mechanisms. This Post-graduate program's transversal character opens doors to all disciplines related to urban study: Urbanism, Architecture, Law and Economy, Engineering, Geography, Social Sciences and Politics, Environment, Communication, Public Organizing, Management, etc.

Jordi Borja, Urbanist, Geographer and Soccicologist. Director of Urban Technology Consulting.

Manuel Herce, Road, Canal and Port Engineer. Director of the Departament d'Infraestructura del Trasport del Territori, UPC

Academic Coordination:
Mirela Fiori, Urbanist Architect. Urban Technology Consulting


From 10/17/06 to 02/09/07- Post-graduate program in Territorial Organization and Planification

From 03/06/07 to 05/25/07. Post-graduate program on City Government and Local Public Policy

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