Friday, March 15, 2024

7:00 pm

Museum Galleries

Free admission

Antonio Gagliano and Verónica Lahitte introduce the audience to their work process, Reconstruction: Barcelona Art Report [2001], which looks at the Barcelona triennial exhibition that only ended up happening once. In the same vein as Ràdio Web MACBA’s ‘Escenes Eliminades’ [‘Deleted Scenes’] series, in this session, the spotlight will be turned on material and threads from lost stories that were left out of the event. Scenes surrounding the very act of reconstruction and the corresponding decision-making process are recovered, shared and discussed, in an examination of what happens when a different idea or prototype doesn’t quite work and what collective lessons we can learn from it.

A talk with Antonio Gagliano and Verónica Lahitte.

In 2021, MACBA launched the triennial Panorama, which aimed to "deepen its collaboration and dialogue with local artists and cultural agents". This second edition of Panorama retains the same aim but works towards it through a year-long series of interventions that take the project’s title literally, in order to question both the continuing relevance of the triennial (or biennial) format and its capacity to offer a panoramic image of the present.

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Son[i]a #198. Antonio Gagliano