One click… and you’re in. We’ve created a new digital itinerary around the Collection. We entered the Museum and stopped to look at some of the works that have recently been included in the exhibition during its new rehang, but also some that have been there from the beginning. We invite you to follow us. You will meet Dora García talking live about how she chose her golden sentences. You will walk around the textile interior of Carlos Bunga’s new installation, access Lucía C. Pino dimly-lit dystopic sculptures and inspect the files of the Social Dangerousness Law dissected by Daniel Gasol. You will discover the new wall that Luz Broto is constructing along one of the Museum’s walls until the end of the exhibition, or get submerged in the yellow light of Pedro Torres’ solar installation. You will walk in silence, in a museum without visitors, and stop wherever you like, inform yourself, listen to the artists, let the works reveal themselves as transmitters of great narratives. Such is the digital experience of MACBA Collection: Prelude. Poetic Intention.

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