Collage 200 Collectables

So said Felix Gonzalez-Torres about his back-and-forth relationship with creation and life. A bond that we invite you to celebrate through the MACBA Collection and our Collectables. Every week, we uncover something new about the works in the Collection, focusing on the exhibitions and everything that happens in the Museum, on recent acquisitions, and on the most travelled works and our current loans, but also on the city’s festivals, the spirit of hope we call childhood, the resounding ‘no’ to war, our collective memory, the rich multiplicity of artistic practices, the necessary denunciations, and all the experiences and events that demand a daily revolution that can only come from art. Because we understand and practise art as a public service. We invite you to review the 200 Collectables published to date and to discover those still to come. We like to imagine the possible. Will you join us?